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Missions of BUSI Incubator

BUSI helps get innovation entrepreneurship projects up and running by offering a full package of business assistance and support:

Pre-creation-stage business assistance:

  • Lead economics and legals assistance,
  • Lead strategy assistance,
  • Lead science assistance.

Creation-phase coaching:

  • Paths to capital,
  • Support on finding and framing partnership opportunities,
  • Support on finding a site for the business.

Administrative or technical hosting in the region's various sectorized research and technology parks or science hubs.

Carte Auvergne

A good idea for an innovative new venture is one thing. Making it happen is another. Fortunately, BUSI has the solution: a proven support framework that follows a simple yet effective roadmap.

  • Everything starts when you make a call to the BUSI team. You will then get to meet a sector-specialist project manager to discuss how far your project has progressed.
  • If it has come far enough, you will present your project to the regional delegates of the Innovergne Committee who will judge its degree of innovation.
  • If the Committee gives a green light, your innovation-driven project can get seeded into the BUSI incubator.

This period gives you a window in which to get your offer validated through a market research, draft your business plan and budget forecast, create an effective strategy, and complete many other pivotal steps on the road to creating your business venture.

You will also be immersed in a network of lead specialists enabling you to pull together all the resources your business needs to run smoothly and efficiently.

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